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1. Many different events including the 400,800,javelin, shotput, long jump, etc.
8. The world's most popular game
9. Outside in the winter and the snow, going downhill
10. We love this game. Pau Gasol, Kobe, Ricky Rubio
11. Like football but no pads and no helmets
14. A mini version of tennis played indoors
15. A hole in one, birdie and par are some of the scores
16. Soccer with your hands


1. 2 or 4 players, played outside with a small green ball and a net
2. Similar to hockey but played outside with a stick used to throw and catch
3. You need lots of kilos for this sport
4. Two teams, a small white ball. A home run is possible
5. Jump from a high distance into the water
6. Two teams with sticks, like soccer on ice
7. Strike or spare. 10 frames. 300 is a perfect score
12. An organized fight
13. A race in the water