Shopping Crossword

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1. Use this to pay with plastic
3. You'll need to sign this to make it valid
6. A present that is money for a specific store
7. The price exceeds the value
10. When you return an item, they give you this
11. A reduced price, employees always get this
13. To give money in exchange for a good or service
14. You should do this before buying a dress
16. The person who handles the money
17. To give a good or service in exchange for money
18. The price is below the value


2. Where you can try on clothes
3. The section of items before they are sent out of the store, where the best teals are
4. Bills and coins
5. Money for the government
8. What they give you with your purchase. You need it if you want to bring it back
9. To bring something back
12. An area of a store
15. A store with great deals, usually outside of city centers
16. The difference between the money you give and the cost of the product
17. A discount on many different items