Materials Crossword

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4. Formed by knitting, weaving or pressing natural or synthetic fibers
6. A silver white metalic element. Also used to describe successful albums
8. The earth's natural ground. Also the opposite of clean
9. What a shoe box is made of
11. What you find at the beach
12. Think about tires and erasers
14. The most famous silver metal
15. Another name for a cup. Windows are usually made of this.
16. Made from a tree


1. Can be shaped when soft and then hardened. New this century
2. A general name for elements with a shiny surface
3. A pillow is this
4. A playground is usually this material
5. Not much give. Don't want to fall on a surface like this.
7. Gold's little brother.
10. The material of a can
11. Soft and fluffy in shape or texture
13. What pottery is often made of
15. One of the most valuable elements on earth