Fruits and Vegetables

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2. The name is the same as its color
5. a round and juicy fruit with yellow flesh and pinkish yellow skin
6. an orange vegetable that rabbits love
9. an essential in the kitchen but will make you cry
10. a fruit that's usually narrow at the top and wider at the bottom
11. keeps the vampires away
13. you need this to make a salad
15. a green vegetable with a flowery head
16. chick pea, black eyed are a few types of this vegetable. I got a feeling you know the music group
17. eaten raw and not too tasty. Green and mean.


1. a red fruit with seedy skin
3. a small fruit used to make wine
4. "__ __ the magical fruit the more you eat 'em the more you toot"
7. by definition it's a fruit but it's used as a vegetable
8. a large edible fruit. H20 is in the name
12. a vegetable with thick green or purple leaves
14. no ice cream sundae is complete without this on top